☕️ Fluffy Foam! Adorable 3D Art Latte in Saitama

Before coming to Japan, I was that kind of boyish girl with super short hair and didn’t really care about appearances, leave alone flowers and lovely stuffs. Even 3 years ago me wouldn’t believe if someone said I’ll be the way I am now. But you changed as where you have been living, didn’t you? Since Japan are so full of these so called adorable things, including in its culinary experiences that have so much to offer. When you come to a cafe, it’s not rare that you would not want to eat the dishes because they are too cute!

Moreover, my boyfriend has recently developed his love for coffee latte. Some days ago, he playfully searched for any 3D art latte cafe to celebrate his birthday last April 14. He found one of the best in Tokyo and sent the link to me, asking if I’m interested to try it out. That’s because honestly, I’m not a fan of either coffee and big city. Well, maybe that’s fine once in a while, so I thought, it was gonna be his special day as well. Except, I recommended another one in Saitama. A little more far, but looks so much more peaceful. It also provides lunch meal and dessert, with a really cute set up. I myself couldn’t wait to go! Here it is:

Cafe Choco Tea

1-2 Nakacho, Sakado, Saitama 350-0227

When we arrived, fortunately we didn’t have to get in line. The cafe was tiny, only around 5 serving tables were available. As we were welcomed by the waitress to the designated table, the barista came right away to explain all the Covid prevention protocols which were strictly applied there. They also split the table with the plastic shield booth partition. It was so clean, so we felts safe eating in.

And finally, here are what we ordered!

Japanese curry stew for my lunch set!

Meanwhile, my boyfriend ordered a set with patty and salad, too bad I didn’t take the picture. But he was genuinely satisfied with its taste!

Banana chiffon cake for both of us!
Hot choco 2D art latte for me. Look how cute the drawing is!
Finally, the cappuccino 3D art latte for the birthday boy!

There were actually some types of the 3D art latte, but which one is on sale, depends on the day you are coming. He originally wanted to order a bigger cup, with up to 6 little foam animals on it, so it’s better to check it up through the phone next time! You can also request the drawing and the writing both on the 2D and 3D art.

The taste? 8/10! I really enjoyed all of the dishes. The salad was so fresh, the curry was so “polite” that I craved for more without being fed up of it, the cake was fluffy and considerately sweet! I love the side refreshing fruits and cream. Also, both the hot chocolate and cappuccino weren’t failed to make us delighted! Such a perfect touch for our closing.

Lastly, the price? It’s so affordable, we spent only around 3,500¥ for both us. Truly recommended for for art latte lovers! Please make time to visit if you happen to be around Saitama.


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