⛩ Plum Blossoms in Hikawa Shrine: A Gem in Omiya, Saitama

On one of the weekday, I decided to get up early and have a walk around my long loved shrine in Omiya. I got on the train at 6am and arrived in the most perfect time I could ever expect, the sunrise. I have never visited that early, the limited time of the day in which the world has so much precious sights for you to see. Even if the plum garden was my main destination, I just couldn’t help but kept taking pictures along the way.

I’d like to bring you some of the moments I’ve seen that day. These shots sure help setting peace upon my soul, the same way I hope it does to yours too.

P.S I love looking back at the photos which remind me that what I’ve been longing for, is never really far away.


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